I am Joanna Bornowski, Animal Communicator and Facilitator of Intuitive Access. The Wild Thread was born from years of apprenticeship and studies with the late Lynn Getz; Color Therapist, Medicinal Essential Essence Consultant, Consciousness Ascension Master and Intuitive Guide. I am honored to have been her friend, apprentice and receiver of ancient wisdom. 

Intensive training with Lynn, plant medicine studies and years of intuitive work has built the foundation for my offerings. 

If you are curious about the unknown, if your heart is calling, if you are determined to experience consistent satisfaction and inspiration; I invite you to contact me. 



I am not interested in being called a healer, coach, consultant, therapist or any other version of a title that implies I am the expert on how you should live your life. 

I believe you are whole, now. That you do not need to release something or gain something because either way of thinking proves resistant to the present. I believe you or I will not truly live fulfilling, joy soaked lives without accepting the present. As painful or scary that may be, I believe the act of acceptance is the impulse that drives awe and reveals truth. I believe that your heart is the gateway to your truth and the vessel for your soul. 

It is my pleasure to support you in finding the magic of the present and the power of authenticity. I want to show you what it feels like to transform struggle and discomfort into motivation and refinement. I want to encourage you to live in inspiration and synchronicity. 

To do this I will incorporate the use of a European color system and medicinal essential oils. The support products (essences and/ or color), you and I, will form a team. We will re-purpose all of the energy that you use for worry, doubt, anger and guilt into information and creativity. We will connect heart, mind and body as a unified instrument of consciousness and growth. We will deepen your connection to your wild thread so that your soul has a seat at the table. 

You are unique. Your past, present and future are spectacularly individual. The sessions will be designed specifically for you. However, the amount of integration and the implementation of tools will be your role. Awareness will require willingness and curiosity on your part. 

If you are interested and have a little bit of courage, I invite you to ask yourself:

What will it feel like to teach your mind to be in awe of life? What will it feel like when you no longer live by rules of struggle and sacrifice? What happens when your life becomes play and the burden of serious business subsides?