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I am Joanna Bornowski, Animal Communicator and Intuition Teacher.

As the daughter of artists I spent most of my childhood in an art studio connecting with creativity and exploring communication though non-verbal self-expression. Outside of the studio I was (and still am) a competitive hunter/ jumper equestrian and animal enthusiast. I have always been deeply connected to animals, but the "communication" side was unintentionally and unknowingly shut down as a young child. In my early adulthood I believed that creative expression and animal connection would remain a joyful evening/ weekend experience but never a full time position.  

Fortunately, in my mid 20's I started working for my mentor Lynn Getz as her apprentice and assistant in her private practice. I spent 7 years in intensive training studying intuition, color therapy, medicinal essential essences, plant medicine and energy healing. Reawakening my animal communication abilities was an early and incredible "side effect" of this work. Eventually, I helped write curriculum, teach classes and took on my own clients under her guidance. My training in these areas has built the foundation for my offerings, has given me the confidence as well as the experience needed to do so with integrity and authority. 

My horse, YoYo and I

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After Lynn passed unexpectedly, my desire to honor her and her wisdom propelled me to open The Wild Thread. Although I maintain key elements from our time together, The Wild Thread is my heart and soul. It is my own mission and drive in this world to open the mysteries of intuition and animal communication to the experience of whomever wishes to join me. 

My horse, YoYo and I

If you are curious about the unknown, if your heart is calling, if you are determined to experience consistent satisfaction and inspiration; I invite you to contact me. 

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