Hello, I'm Joanna...

I offer time dedicated to living a life where connection, purpose and satisfaction become your baseline. My instrument for transformation lies in promoting and supporting the embodiment of your instinctual and intuitive nature. I like term rewilding. 

We tap the wild thread where your most powerful self resides at the confluence of intelligences from your heart, body and mind. It is the thread that connects us to all living beings. The link to your soul. Sessions purchased for you focus on engaging your wild thread. During sessions purchased for your horse or pet, I will access this link to communicate and translate.

For this work I use the oldest medicine on the planet, multiple certifications, intuition and energy work to bring body, mind and emotions into harmony and the present. From the present we will set the new ideal state into motion

I work with people 16 and up, horse and rider pairs, and all pets. 

Read more about what I'm offering below and about me here.  


My offerings are rooted in consciousness expansion and intuitive guidance. It is neither therapy nor coaching. Therapy tends to work on the past, coaching tends to work on the future. I am here to help you fully embody the present moment. This will inevitably affect the way you see the past and definitely change the outcome of your future. Most importantly, it will achieve a genuine sense of relief, surrender and happiness - now. Not when you get something and not when you fix something. 

Simply, as you are, now.


What is Emerald Umiaq? An umiaq (oo-me-ak)... is the female Eskimo's version of the kayak. It is also said to be the vehicle that your soul travels in during transition. Emerald represents the heart; it is the color of the heart chakra, the color for truth and the color of direction. This way Emerald Umiaq is named after a vehicle for the soul and of the heart.


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