For horse and rider only. Sessions are designed to promote trust and partnership between horse and rider on multiple levels. For those interested in: 


  • Addressing behavior issues 
  • Deepening connection
  • Supporting performance goals 


Sessions incude a combination of :


  • Animal communication
  • Energy clearing
  • Essential essence (essential oil)


I will ask you for a clear photo of your horse, their name and 2-4 questions you would like addressed.  The communication will happen remotely with clearing and essences in person if full appointment is not remote. Following the communication session your horse will receive an energetic cleaning. For in person clients, I will bring no more than 10 essences for your horse to choose from based on our conversation. You have the option of purchasing their chosen essence at the end of the consult to further support the horse's wellbeing and strengthened connection. Options also include energetic work only. 


About 1.5 hours (30 - 45 minutes for communication, 45 - 60 minutes cleaning, conversation and essences). Barn call fees apply. Group discounts availible. 

Energy, Essences and Communication

  • In person (barn calls and horse shows). 

  • Remote clients - cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance for a full refund. Appointments canceled within 48 hours of the session will receive 50% refund. 

    Oregon in person clients - cancel your appointment 72 hours in advance for a full refund. Appointments canceled within 72 hours of the session will receive 50% refund. 

    Travel clients - Please contact me for specific cancelation requirements. Location dependent.