My offerings are rooted in consciousness expansion and intuitive guidance. It is neither therapy nor coaching. Therapy tends to work on the past, coaching tends to work on the future. I am here to help you fully embody the present moment. This will inevitably affect the way you see the past and definitely change the outcome of your future. Most importantly, it will achieve a genuine sense of relief, surrender and happiness - now. Not when you get something and not when you fix something. 

Simply, as you are, now.

I combine animal communication, energy work and essential essences to help align you and your horse, provide more ease and reduce miscommunication challenges.

  • Deepen connection and bond with your horse 

  • Support to alleviate behavior issues and transitions

  • Support during competitions for ideal performance 

The potency of energy work and essential essences combined with the sensitivity of the horse supports visible results and long-lasting benefits. 

Sessions are in person for one and a half hours. Barn and group rates available.

Individual Consult

Horse & Rider

Horse and Rider Consult


Individual Consult

Color or Essence

Color Consult - Initial


One-on-one sessions for those interested in:

  • More pleasure in the present moment

  • Identifying limiting beliefs 

  • Guidance during transition for optimum outcomes 

  • Connect or deepened access to intuition and heart

  • Flow states and creative inspiration

Consults focus on supporting awareness of emotional and mental states to improve in mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Choose between color and essential essence consultations. In person or online. For ages 16 and up.

Essential Oil Consult


Individual Consult

Animal Communication

Animal Communication - Initial


In my experience, animals are eager to communicate with their human. Positive shifts and deepened connection are readily available when an animal is given the opportunity to express themselves fully. 

  • Hear what they would like to tell you most

  • Gain clarity around likes and dislikes

  • Address upcoming or recent transitions

  • Support training or competition goals

  • Receive insight on behavioral issues and helpful solutions 

I serve as your translator and use a heart based technique to open dialogue. Remote sessions.