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What is The Wild Thread?

The Wild Thread is your natural intelligence; your instinctual, intuitive nature. It is a universal language existing within you and as a part of you. The wild thread is the language of the earth. As you are an organic component of the earth, you are able to access and speak this language fluently. 


When equally resourcing the intelligences of your heart, body and mind you are pulled into the present moment and are able to connect with your Wild Thread: deep connection and interaction between the heart, the body and the mind. The heart recognizes truth and love determining clarity. The body recognizes sensation and energetics determining direction. The mind recognizes inspiration and awe determining growth. Without just one we can become stagnant, fearful or tethered to moments that generate feelings of unworthiness and lack of purpose. Connection to all three develops your connection to your deepest self, what you need most and to all other beings around you. It allows for individual integration and connection to the whole in a way that is purposeful, satisfying and authentic to you. 


The Wild Thread is a place of deep knowing and wisdom that allows for ease in transitions and decisions so that you are not left wondering if you've made the right choice. With presence and wisdom you are adaptable following the flow of life and trusting the current. When you trust your Wild Thread, you trust potential instead of fearing change. Connection with the wild tread brings confidence in day-to-day activities but also in impactful situations and events. 

For individuals we focus on your intention and determine what thoughts, beliefs and patterns of habit are prohibiting you from connecting with your natural intelligence. Once acknowledged and worked with you are able to move forward with confidence or happily change direction to something even better suited for you. 

For horse and rider pairs I access my Wild Thread acting as translator and bridge between you and your horse. You are both able to express your needs, desires and views for a broader understanding of each other. As a rider, connecting with your Wild Thread allows you to develop a deeper connection with your horse as a partner. The trust that is built through actively listening to your partner exponentially increases satisfaction and flow. This translates to better rides at home and in the show ring. 

The Wild Thread is a crucial part of you. Unfortunately, for so many of us, it is left unnoticed and unexplored. When connected you do not need will, force or motivation but instead are propelled by inspiration and power. Your life is what you make of it now. Not next month or next year. Connection to your Wild Thread can assure you satisfaction and will require you to break your familiar bonds that restrain you. The liberation is incredible. With The Wild Thread, you are free. 

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