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Animal Communication
Horses, living or passed, worldwide
Terms & Conditions
Can you tell me about how this works?
Sessions are remote via phone, one horse per session. 
Animals are all unique sentient beings with emotions, desires, beliefs & opinions. They communicate to me through images and sensations and I act as your translator. To do this I quiet my thinking logical mind and use my consciousness to connect with theirs. In my minds eye I see the images and experience the emotions they wish to share in my body. It is very similar to a dream state. In the session I describe how the horse is feeling, the images they show me, what they would like or need, their messages and questions to you as well as their answers to your questions.
Do you or I have to be with my horse?
As neither your horse nor I will be using our physical voice or ears to communicate, distance is not an issue. You also do not have to be with your horse physically for the session to work. 
However, please be in a quiet place for the call with minimal to no distractions. Please do not drive while we are in session. 
What are things I can use the session for? 
  • Hear what your horse has to say 

  • Deepen your connection

  • Support training

  • Address behavior & health issues

  • Relay important updates, transitions & messages

  • Ask questions, check in & request feedback

My horse has an issue with ____ if you tell them to stop, will they?

All animals are sentient beings, meaning they have free choice and can think about what they want to do or not. There are several layers that play into this question. Firstly, just like you or I asking someone to stop doing something doesn't mean they will. Often horses will listen and try their best to accommodate as long as fear or pain is not in the way. Secondly, just like you or I telling an anxious person to "just relax" an anxious horse may hear the request but often there is a period of behavior change (training, trust strengthening, safety reinforcement, or new behavior patterns from the human) that will need to be supported before the change can take place. Last, some horses need to hear the right thing or be convinced that the effort of behavior change is worth it. 

What kind of animals do you speak with?
I am currently accepting all returning animals and only horses for new sessions either in body or in spirit. 

How do I set up a session?
Use the booking link below to be taken to my calendar and choose the session type (rush or regular), length and then calendar date that works best for you. Often my sessions will be booked 1-2 months in advance. Be sure to download the Next Steps PDF and add your horse's name to the comments section when booking. 


Do you offer Rush or Emergency sessions?
Yes, they are also available through the booking calendar. Any session before the regular calendar availability falls into this category. 

Can you help with lost animals?
I currently do not offer lost animal sessions.

How long are the sessions?
Phone sessions are offered in 15 minute increments (Pricing listed below)
45 minutes
30 minutes
15 minutes *
only available for returning animals
The Call
The Call
Do I need to do anything before the session?
Yes, please remember to send me your Needs List Items (listed on PDF) 1 week prior to the session. 

Can my horse talk if they are doing something else?
Horses can multitask and are able to speak if they are sleeping, eating, at the vet etc. I do ask that you please ensure your horse is not being ridden during our conversation for both horse and rider safety. 

Who calls who?
I will call you at the scheduled time using the phone number you provide at booking.

How is the session structured?
We begin by giving the horse space to introduce themselves and speak about whatever they care to share. I follow this with a body scan and the rest of the session is time for you and your animal to exchange questions and respond to messages. You do not need to be present with your animal during the session. 

Please be in a quiet place for the call with minimal distractions. Please do not drive while we are in session. 

I'm not in the US, how will you call me?
WhatsApp is used for international calls. Please add in your WhatsApp number to the comments section when booking. 
Other Sessions
In person

I combine animal communication, energy work and essential essences to help align you and your horse, provide more ease and reduce miscommunication challenges.

  • Deepen connection and bond with your horse 

  • Support to alleviate behavior issues and transitions

  • Support during competitions for ideal performance 

The potency of energy work and essential essences combined with the sensitivity of the horse supports visible results and long-lasting benefits. 

Sessions are in person for 55 minutes $220 

Barn and group rates available.

Horse and Rider Individual Consult - In Person

Communication, Energy Work and Essential Oils

Girl with Horse

Short Email and Phone Sessions

Body Scan 

Either emailed or over the phone

Please email to purchase and schedule.

A short session designed to simply ask your animal if anything hurts in their body and what it feels like. 

Within 2 weeks $40

Within 7 days   $60 

Message Passing

Either emailed or over the phone

Please email to purchase and schedule.

A short session designed to convey a message to your animal and hear their reply. 

Within 2 weeks $40

Within 7 days   $60 

Other sessions

Intuition Sessions

Connect with, use and refine your natural intelligence 
No experience necessary, one-on-one and group options
individual consult

Intuition Mentoring

One-on-one hour long personalized sessions via zoom to deepen and develop your intuitive awareness.


All levels welcome, no experience necessary. 

For those interested in:

  • More pleasure in the present moment

  • Identifying and consciously using your intuition 

  • Guidance during transition for optimum outcomes 

  • Connect or deepened access to intuition and heart

  • Flow states and creative inspiration

Sessions focus on supporting awareness of intuition for improving mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

For ages 16 and up.

5 session minimum commitment.

$225 per session

Refunds, Cancellations and Terms of Use


We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 2 days before the beginning of your appointment.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or 'no-shows' will be charged at the full rate. If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please notify Joanna by emailing 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund. Requests to reschedule sessions less than 48 hours advance notice will be subject to a $25 fee. Sessions purchased over 90 days prior to cancelation will not be refunded. Completed sessions are not eligible for refund. 



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