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Intuition & Animal Communication Weekend Workshop

In this two-day, in-person workshop we will explore intuition and animal communication. You will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of your own intuition, how to apply it to your daily life and the completion of your first animal communication session. 

*Everyone is welcome to this workshop. No experience necessary. You do not have to own animals or ride horses to participate. 

Equestrians, please read this post on how this workshop improves the horse-rider connection. 

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Developing the habit of intuition

  • How to hear your own intuitive voice

  • Meditation techniques to develop and strengthen your connection to your intuition

  • How to seamlessly apply intuition to animal communication 

  • Daily practices and easy applications of intuition

  • Critical energetic anatomy

  • Important steps to quickly heighten your awareness of your intuition

  • The science we know now about intuition

  • Bonus information like using essential oils with horses, dream work and conscious creation

This workshop is not just for special people, all levels of understanding can participate. Intuition is innate in each being and steers us towards pleasure and satisfaction. It nudges us away from the opposite. It is the first quiet, small voice that comes up and into your conscious mind effortlessly guiding you. If you don't feel you hear that voice, you sometimes get it, or you would like to solidify your connection to it, this workshop is for you.

The Format:

The workshop is a mixture of lecture, worksheets, partner practice, meditation and animal communication practice. ​You will be sitting, standing, meditating, working with partners and on your own with animals. Each day runs for approximately 7 hours and includes of multiple short breaks and an hour for lunch. The information is geared towards adults however children as young as 12 years old have successfully participated. 

The location:

Workshops are held across the USA and overseas with class announcements via instagram and newsletter list. Please contact me to host a weekend workshop in your area. Often, equestrian facilities will host these workshops as this training is easily applied to the competitive equestrian. 

More on Intuition:

Intuition is the most powerful and innate resource we have and is often the one we have trained ourselves to overlook and dismiss. It has nothing to do with the logical and linear thinking that our culture thrives upon. It’s guidance does not follow learned reasoning, does not fit into analytics or textbook education. It has no boundaries except for your well-being, wholeness and presence in life. Only a very small portion of scientists in the world are actually studying it. But, it is felt and known by everyone.


Let me give you an example. My partner and I had just picked up groceries and lunch from the farmers market. I sat down in the front seat with my food and he put his soup on the passenger seat In order to carefully put the groceries in the backseat. Within 10 seconds the following took place:

I heard him close the rear passenger door, I glanced at his soup on the seat and my intuition told me to pick it up for him. My logical mind quickly chimed in, how can he miss it? Just eat your food. I looked down at my lunch deciding what bite to take while he opened the front passenger door and sat down. I knew instantaneously that he had sat on his soup. Wait! I exclaimed, my mouth open and staring at the soup that was now covering his seat.


This is a small and fairly inconsequential example. But you can imagine the effect of listening to your intuition for larger and more “important” guidance, or missing it. The more you listen to and apply directions from your intuition the more momentum it gains. The easier it becomes to integrate into daily life and avoid small or large discomforts.


Intuition is a language onto itself. It happens to be your first language and a universal language. Meaning every being with a consciousness speaks using the same language. Intuition can be expanded beyond guidance and act as a vehicle for conversations with animals and even plants.