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Do Affirmations Work for Equestrians?

Recently I had a horse offer up a short repetitive phrase to her rider as a way of deepening their connection and to positively shifting the riders mindset. Without naming it an “affirmation” that is exactly what the horse meant.

Affirmations are popular in our current culture. I tend to find them quite helpful, and others would likely disagree. Are affirmations right for you? Before you decide, hear me out.

Affirmations are intended to be a statement or declaration of a positive thought, spoken as truth, out loud or internally.

During our next session the rider from above shared with me how wonderful the affirmation was working to relax both of them during the ride. It also supported them to find an emotional/ mental rhythm where they could easily connect… it worked exactly as intended.

I use affirmations daily:

  • To remind me of my intention

  • To bring me into the present moment

  • To shift my mindset into positivity

  • To open up to the unknown and possible

  • To deepen my connection with people or animals

  • To trust the present moment

  • To engage and enhance my potential and gifts

  • To find my center

  • To appreciate my current situation

  • And SOOOO much more

Often when I am moving into a new mindset (one that is not so practiced), I find that adding in visualizations can be a considerable help in deepening the affirmation. Automatically we put pictures to words in our minds eye. This can happen so fast that it goes unnoticed. However, CHOOSING your own picture to go along with your affirmation can we very powerful and create a faster shift.

Pictures are the foundation for intuitive communication (how I speak with horses) AND communicating with your subconscious mind (the part that is really in charge). So by repeating the words, and showing your mind the image of what you intend to shift into you're more likely to create the change you desire.

My mentor, a Taoist master, shared with me “you do not have to believe what you are seeing/ saying, you just have to practice it.” The more you practice it, the faster it will become true for you and influence your state. This takes the effort out completely!

If you don’t have a picture for your mantra, bring the feeling of the word into your mantra. When I say “easy” or “safe” your body knows what that feels like. Choosing to feel those things along with your mantra can help support the shift even if you don’t have pictures for what “easy” or “safe” looks like in the moment.

Try finding a time every day, for 30 days, that aligns best with your schedule to practice affirmations that support your intentions with your horse. Consider affirmations like:

• I trust my body and my horse

• I am open to what my horse needs from me

• I have the time I need to connect with my horse

• I am in process, I give myself and my horse all the grace we need to move forward

• This is easy and fun

I would encourage you to consider an affirmation that would be fun for you to practice and also does not have a lot of emotional weight to it. Make it playful or silly, especially the images, and see how easy it is to move into a new mental space. Additionally, it is a great practice to check in and see what affirmations you are already telling yourself that are not supportive. Start switching them over to something supportive of your goals as you notice them.

This self talk not only effects you but also effects your horse. Your horse is listening and feeling your feelings. Those two things create the "energy" or "vibe" of your ride and set the tone for your time together.

Create wisely my friends.

In gratitude,


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