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Decisions - Quick and Simple Meditation

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This weekend a friend told me she loved the decision meditation. It really helped her. But, she’s only used it once because it’s too long to use in her day to day activities. Well, she's right. 10 minutes of meditation is far too long for a casual decision. I went to work immediately to test out an adapted version.

The shortened meditation below will take you 90 seconds.

The key here is trust that your mind, heart and body hear you AND that they will respond. Because they do, and will. Just keep open and fluid and the answer comes.

Here’s the written version:

  1. Sit comfortably (or stand… don’t lay down)

  2. Close your eyes

  3. Bring up your question

  4. Feel the whole of your body and internally say “Hi body, I need your help choosing a restaurant (or whatever it is). Please make it evident what feels best for me when I see it.”  

  5. Thank the body in advance

  6. Feel into the area around your heart and to your heart say “Hi heart, I need your help choosing a restaurant (or whatever it is). Please make it evident what feels true to me when I see it.”

  7. Thank the heart in advance

  8. Feel into the mind (not the brain) and say “Hi mind, I need your help choosing a restaurant ( or whatever it is). Please make my inspiration evident to me when I see it.”

  9. Thank the mind in advance

  10. Open your eyes and start your search. 

Myself, I am terrible at choosing a restaurant to eat at, which made dinner out the perfect time to put it into action. I ended up needing less than 3 minutes to find a restaurant that resonated on all levels for me. It was cute, fun, somewhere we'd not been and I even had a gift card to it that I'd completely forgotten about. For me, the conversation turned into some great business advice and opportunities that I’m very excited to explore. That wouldn't have happened somewhere else.

Because my whole being was involved in the choosing I was more present and the environment contributed to a fantastic recipe of fun and success.

This quick 90 second version not only helps you build trust in your intuition but if you practice it enough you'll get it down to 10 seconds.

This shortened version will get you through the everyday details that can have a big effect on life. When you fully connect yourself to the wild thread - your natural intelligence - and follow its guidance - you’re likely to be surprised and delighted with how things turn out. 

Tell me how it goes, I really want to hear your experience and what you use it for. 

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